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We responded to the Cabinet Office’s recent National Resilience Strategy Call for Evidence. In our evidence we asserted that inequality and injustice in our society are key threats to our resilience as 4 nations of the UK and we also highlighted key tools at our disposal to help address these threats.

The full submission can be read here. In it we made five key points:

  1. The Covid-19 pandemic has laid bare existing structural inequalities and exacerbated them. Resilience strategies must include a focus on building a more equal society.
  2. We already have key mechanisms at our disposal to help tackle these inequalities (such as Section 1 of the Equality Act 2010 and international human rights standards that the UK has ratified).
  3. Enforceable socio-economic rights could change how we make laws and decisions, resulting in a more equal and resilient society.  International experiences illustrate this.
  4. Lived experiences must be a key part of decision-making in order to find solutions that will deliver the most effective results and build more resilient communities.
  5. The climate emergency is a key threat to the enjoyment of rights, and those who face the greatest injustices face a corresponding disproportionate impact.

Inequality in our society is a major detriment to our resilience. Using tools already at our disposal (such as Section 1 of the Equality Act 2010 and the UN human rights treaties) and authentically incorporating the expertise of those with lived experiences in planning could do much to improve our resilience in the UK.