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The new UK Government is inheriting unacceptable levels of inequality and poverty, and public services at breaking point.

These are a result of political choices.

The UK has agreed to respect, protect and fulfil economic, social and cultural rights. These everyday rights guarantee a decent job and home, enough to eat, clothes to wear, a healthy environment, the chance to learn, and a safety net when we most need it: the type of things you would expect to be a given for people living in a modern UK.  Previous governments have failed to live up to this promise.

There is currently no legal way to hold the UK Government and public authorities to account domestically when these rights are violated, but this must change.

The new government must follow the growing international norm and bring economic, social and cultural rights into domestic legislation to embed a lasting solution to poverty, inequality and injustice. 

The Labour Party has a historic opportunity to set out a new vision to improve lives, guided by human rights. 

We’re leading the conversation on how this can be done.  Bring your ideas to our everyday rights conversation sessions.

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