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We are almost 6 months past the deadline for the UK Government to send in its report to the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. The UN Committee has still not received this important report on how the UK Government is respecting, protecting and fulfilling these rights for everyone in the UK.

We are one of a number of NGOs from across the UK who have sent this letter expressing our concerns to the responsible UK Minster, Lord Wolfson. In the letter we made it clear we understand that the global pandemic may have caused some delay, but we are alarmed that this delay appears to be so significant.

As human rights organisations working in all four nations of the UK, we have seen the dramatic impact of the pandemic on so many rights and believe a UK-wide human rights review is more crucial than ever. 

On this Human Rights Day, we call on the UK Government to confirm that they will submit their report soon so that the UN Committee can proceed with the next stage of this important review.

(For more information about this UN human rights review, check out our quick explainer here.)

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