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Tackling inequality is one of the biggest challenges facing any local authority.

Section 1 of the Equality Act 2010 introduces a socio-economic duty on public bodies, asking them to consider how their decisions and policies could increase or decrease inequality that results from socio-economic disadvantage.

In April 2018, the Fairer Scotland Duty brought the duty into force in Scotland and after extensive consultations, the Welsh Government enacted the duty as part of its programme to help public bodies deliver A More Equal Wales in March 2021. Unfortunately, the duty is not yet implemented in England. However, there are a number of English local authorities who have voluntarily elected to implement the duty.

On Tuesday 17 May we hosted an online event for newly elected, and re-elected councillors and officers in England (and everyone else with an interest in equality). The event focused on how Section 1 of the Equality Act – the Socio-economic Duty – can help local authorities target resources and interventions to begin to close the inequality gap.

Speakers included:

Watch the recording of the event below.