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The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has developed an online tool to help you track how well the UK and Welsh Governments are putting their human rights duties into practice – the human rights tracker. You can use it to search all recommendations the UN has issued to the UK and devolved governments.

On 27 January we, along with several of the groups who we work with through the Social Rights Alliance, attended EHRC’s training on using the tracker. These groups included SENsitive, York Disability Rights Forum, Difference NE, Rene Cassin and ATD Fourth World.

EHRC recommends that groups use the tracker to:

  • Undertake horizon-scanning and research
  • Develop human rights-based positions and recommendations
  • Deepen understanding of particular rights
  • Raise the profile of particular topics and scrutinise government progress

We would encourage other organisations to use the tool. You can contact EHRC if you would like more information or training in using it.

Image by Sakina Saidi.