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Against a backdrop of human rights being sidelined or ignored, we continue to fight for our everyday rights.

Our new report – Using everyday rights as a tool for change: what we heard from civil society organisations highlights how we are doing.

Specifically, in line with our Strategy 2023-25, it outlines how we are helping:

  • Civil society to use these everyday rights as a tool for change.
  • To create a broader movement of communities working for positive change.
  • Rights holders have more capacity and confidence to know their rights and assert their power.
  • To hold the UK Government and public authorities to account on their rights obligations.

The report contains analysis of (1) survey feedback from 52 people and (2) five in-depth interviews with civil society organisations that we have worked with.

This is what they told us:

Helping civil society to use everyday rights as a tool for change

One of our goals is to help civil society be more confident and have more capacity to use everyday rights – economic, social and cultural rights (ESCR) – as a tool for change.
Feedback included:

“Just Fair resources and general language framework keeps…going into your head and into your bloodstream and you learn the language and way of communicating.”

“I and the organisation I work for already have a strong commitment to ESCR but working with Just Fair has given us access to otherwise difficult to access expertise and valuable opportunities to further this commitment in our work.”

A staggering 92 percent of organisations reported that we helped them gain a deeper understanding of everyday rights and felt they had:

‘a greater belief that ESCR, and rights-based approaches should be part of the lasting solution’.

Creating a broader movement for change

With 91 percent of respondents reporting that their interactions with us led to new or strengthened connections, our important role in fostering connections and engagement, and building a greater ‘movement’ for change was underscored.

Feedback from one respondent echoed the sentiments of many who have collaborated with us:

“Just Fair has made me feel more connected to those wider discussions around the UK.”

With a focus on bridging gaps between local, regional, and national campaigns, it is evident that we serve as a catalyst for dialogue and collaboration.

Helping rights holders use their rights

Navigating the intricacies of human rights can often be daunting, particularly for grassroots organisations and activists. We work hard to demystify complex rights frameworks and support communities to claim their rights, making them accessible to all.

As one respondent noted:
“What Just Fair excels in is delivering really complex information in a very simple way.”

Holding public authorities to account

Our vision for using everyday rights extends beyond the grassroots. We are actively working to drive policy change and mainstream rights into everyday decision-making processes.

With a focus on incorporating rights into UK domestic law and increasing awareness among decision-makers, we are at the forefront of the movement for social justice.
As one respondent noted:

“We have been able to really direct our campaign work to be more impactful in highlighting and addressing the barriers Disabled people face by taking a rights-based approach.”

There’s more to be done – join us

Through our commitment to making everyday rights accessible, leading positive social change, and monitoring and learning from our work, we are trying to transform the UK.

Join us.

We would like to thank all the civil society organisations and activists who shared their views and experiences, and the Institute for Voluntary Action Research (IVAR) who are helping us develop our approach to monitoring, evaluation and learning.

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