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We are really pleased to publish our new Strategy for 2023-25 which sets out our approach to strengthening our work on economic, social, and cultural rights (ESCR) in the UK, and to building a stronger, more united civil society with the capacity and confidence to call for the fulfilment of ESCR.

We want to live in a more just and compassionate UK, where everyone is guaranteed the basic requirements of a dignified and flourishing life.  The UK Government has already committed to fulfilling our basic rights – to food, water, healthcare, a home, decent work, an education, and more – under international law. Right now, it’s falling well short of meeting these obligations.  

But the tide is turning, as more and more of us recognise the need for permanent, lasting solutions to poverty and inequality.   

We believe:

  • the UK Government and public authorities must be held to account for their existing human rights obligations.  
  • that enshrining these basic rights – our ESCR – into domestic law is part of the solution.  If these rights were incorporated, the UK Government and public authorities would have to act to ensure people have an adequate standard of living, and everyone could enforce their own rights and live well.  

We know we can achieve more when we work together. Over the past ten years, our greatest impact has come about as a result of our work with other people and organisations. For that reason, our new Strategy lays out how we will seek to increase the reach and depth of our work with others across civil society through playing three interconnected roles:

  1. Convenor: we will bring activists and organisations together to respond to events and opportunities using ESCR. Thinking and acting strategically, we will continue to build a broad ESCR movement.
  2. Capacity builder: we will support activists and organisations to use ESCR to tackle rights violations and achieve their own campaign goals. This will involve building their capacity to use these rights in their own work, offering training, bespoke approaches, tools, skills, and confidence building.
  3. Advocate: we will advocate for the role of ESCR in building a better UK. We will encourage activists and organisations to use ESCR as a tool for change in their own work and campaigns, catalysing and championing their efforts

These roles support, and are supported by, our fourth role as a thought leader in the field of ESCR, undertaking vital research, monitoring and knowledge dissemination.

We are working to make life in the UK better for all of us.  Help us get there faster.

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Image by Teo Georgiev