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Right here in the UK a chilling, gritty drama is playing out in countless homes up and down the country. Brought to life by Amnesty International UK’s new fictional trailer ‘Before Our Eyes’, this is far from a fiction. For too many people this is in fact a cold, hard reality.

Millions of families cannot access the basic everyday human rights they need to live; from safe housing to adequate food, and from healthcare to social security.

Amnesty’s dramatisation highlights the chilling reality of the everyday rights crisis in the UK and the devastating impact on peoples’ lives when our rights are not respected, protected and fulfilled.

At Just Fair, we are campaigning hard to change this and put an end to violations of people’s rights. We are working to build a world in which people live in safe, warm and dry housing, where they have enough nutritious food on the table, and if something goes wrong, they can get the support and help they need.

If you would like to join us in creating this future:

  • sign up to our UK Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ESCR) Network, a collective of organisations and individuals committed to the promotion and protection of everyday rights in the UK.
  • get involved in our Everyday Rights Conversations throughout 2024.
  • learn more about human rights framing and how to use it in your campaigns.