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We believe everyone deserves to live well and flourish, with our human rights respected, protected, and fulfilled. Protecting economic, social and cultural rights is essential in creating a fairer and more just society, and that is why we champion these rights.

We are the only UK-wide civil society organisation focusing on the human rights of everyday life: our economic, social and cultural rights.

together we can make change happen

We want to work with civil society organisations across all fields, human rights experts, policy writers and decision-makers to make sure that our everyday rights are protected.

You can be a part of that.

make change happen in your community

If you are part of an organisation serving a community, we are here to help your work. We can support you through our rights training, inform your work with our resources, or link you up with people doing similar work through our network.

make change happen across the uk

Our vision is for a fairer and more just society for all. Our goal is to change the law so that everyone in the UK can enjoy their rights.
Whether you work for a civil society organisation or are an elected decision-maker, join our campaign to have ESCR incorporated into UK law.

What are economic, social and cultural rights?

Economic, social and cultural rights (ESCR) are the rights of everyday life, for all of us. They include the right to food, water, housing, work and workers’ rights, social security, health, education, and a healthy environment.

These rights are recognised in international human rights law. But we are living in an uncertain and divided UK in which all human rights are under threat.

explore more about ESCR

If you want to know about how ESCR applies across a range of issues or explore more about our work with national and international rights organisations, explore our resource library.


Children and families seeking asylum in England face dire and inadequate conditions with serious impacts on their right to housing, food, health, work, social security and education.

People seeking asylum are often at the sharpest end of rights violations. Their economic, social & cultural rights are not being respected, protected or fulfilled.

Cost-of-living crisis: #OurRightsNow

We are living in an era of crisis. The latest, the cost-of-living crisis, is leaving many of us hungry, cold, and destitute. This is a human rights issue: the UK Government is failing in its obligation to protect our rights. 

It’s time for change: economic, social, and cultural rights must become part of our domestic law. Join the campaign for #OurRightsNow.


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