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On Thursday 25 November we joined the London Policy and Strategy Network to talk to them about the 1ForEqualityCampaign guide ‘Practical steps for implementing the socio economic duty.’

The Network brings together people working in strategy, change and innovation teams from local government in London to learn from different sectors about how to tackle strategic issues. A recent priority for them has been how to better embed equalities and engage different population groups in inclusive ways, for this reason they got in touch with Just Fair to ask if we could run a session on the guide.

Over a lunchtime session we discussed inequality, why it matters, and what can be done about it, including the voluntary adoption of the socio-economic duty and how it can help realise people’s rights. We then dived into a stocktake of what implementing the duty in the participants workplaces could look like, and what would need to happen to achieve it.  

As well as providing practical information about the adoption of the duty, the session provided a space for people to work together to think about innovative ways to achieve change and tackle inequality, and so better realise rights. Click here to watch a recording of the session.

If you work for a local, combined or public authority and are interested in a similar training session, please get in touch with Helen Flynn, our Head of Policy, Research and Campaigns at [email protected]