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We believe the Socio-economic Duty is a powerful tool for addressing socio-economic inequality and our Socio-economic Duty campaign continues to make good progress.

We facilitate a growing civil society campaign group, focused on campaigning for the commencement of Section 1 of the Equality Act – the Socio-economic Duty, and supporting public authorities to voluntarily adopt, and act in the spirit of the Duty to tackle inequalities locally.  

There is increasing interest in the campaign from local authorities in England.  Our partner Greater Manchester Poverty Action (GMPA) recently published a briefing setting out the scale of voluntary adoption of the Duty by local authorities based on Freedom of Information requests. Currently one in seven councils have voluntarily adopted the Duty.

Earlier this month, we led a lively workshop on the Duty at the We Move Summit, a conference on race equality & migrants rights hosted by the Runnymede Trust at the University of Leeds. 

In partnership with GMPA, we hosted a session on the importance of incorporating the Duty, particularly in the context of high levels of racial inequality, across all areas of economic, social, and cultural rights, including housing, health, education, and work. Our presentation outlined how the implementation of the Duty could play an important role in combatting this inequality, as well as all other forms of social disadvantage. The session was well attended with a very engaged discussion on how to promote its implementation. 

Our focus now is on continuing to spread the word and convincing more local authorities to commit to a change that will have a lasting impact on their local populations.