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Campaign Resources

Check out our useful campaign resources designed to help you identify social rights issues and take steps to tackle them.

What issues does your community face?

The Talk.Act.Change toolkit is designed to get people talking about social rights and the change we’d like to see. 

Your responses to this toolkit help SRANE to decide where we focus our campaigning energy because they give us a greater understanding of the issues experienced across the region.

Share your experiences in order to have your say in how SRANE advances social rights in the North East.

Image of the response sheet in the TalkActChange toolkit showing questions with empty boxes.

Feel more confident to contact your local councillors or MP.

As a human being, you have the right to have your views heard. You elect local politicians, like MPs and councillors, to represent you and your community, so it is their job to listen to you and represent your views in local and national and government.

This guide is for people who would like more confidence in speaking with their local politicians, and those who want to learn more about how politicians can support them.

The guide tells you: 

  • The difference between councillors and MPs 
  • What they can help you with 
  • How to contact your local politicians 
  • Where you can find some extra help
  • Links to other handy campaign resources 


If you are interested in getting involved in our work in the North East, or want to find out more, contact the North East regional manager, Anya Bonner at [email protected].