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It has been almost 2 years since we recruited our first community organiser, based in Newcastle upon Tyne. This began Just Fair’s first projects at the community level. The focus was developing a more localised and context-specific approach to improving economic and social rights (a social rights alliance). We also wanted to test the added value of a rights-based approach.

Since January 2019, the Social Rights Alliance North East (SRANE) has grown to over 65 members. We’ve had hundreds of conversations about economic and social rights in the region and key issues have been identified by SRANE. These issues were being developed into rights-based campaigns when COVID-19 struck. Now that we are in the swing of these new ways of operating, SRANE members have decided to restructure and reframe the alliance ready for the next stage of its development.

To capture this process and reflect on how we move forward, Just Fair has compiled an Impact & Learning Report. We welcome feedback and questions from partners. To find out more about SRANE click here.

Read the full report here.