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Packed with information on economic and social rights, poverty and inequality in Manchester and exciting talks with social change leaders, we are thrilled to invite people in Manchester, in particular those in the areas of Wythenshawe and Moss Side, to our first Social Rights Alliance North West workshop on Wednesday 13th of January 2021.

Manchester is at a tipping point, finding itself placed on cultural hotspot lists all over the world, yet at the same time is facing increasing inequality and poverty across the city region. COVID–19 has laid bare the historic and structural inequalities that already existed between us. The pandemic has disproportionately affected local Black, Asian and minoritized ethnic (BAME) people, older and disabled people and their families, women, those in poverty, insecure housing or precarious employment and people who have come to the UK to escape difficult circumstances abroad.

The efforts of footballer Marcus Rashford and his fight to ensure no child goes hungry highlights how important it is to include those with lived experience of social issues in the fight to deliver meaningful social change. Post COVID-19, we have an opportunity to shape and build a fairer society, and campaigning from a rights-based perspective offers a step in that direction.

This workshop will be the first in the series, and officially ‘launch’ the Social Rights Alliance Manchester, with a focus on Wythenshawe and Moss Side. The SRA will aim to provide rights-based support to local organising and campaigning.

The event will take place online Wednesday 13th January 2021 6pm –7:30 pm. For further information, contact Rachael Gibbons, our Social Rights Coordinator (North West)