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Summary – Rights knowledge discussion session


Summary of discussion session on rights knowledge, held on 28 February 2024. Speakers included: • Kate Ewing, Researcher, Just Fair • Anmol Kaur Singh, Ambassador for change for children’s rights • Sanchita Hosali, CEO, British Institute of Human Rights • Elena Ippoliti, Coordinator, Human Rights Education and Training Unit (Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights)

Lived experience is our latest tool to tackle injustice


By Kahra Wayland-Larty, Associate at Just Fair and in conversation with Dylan McLeish, lived experience advisory group (LEAG) member. Since October last year, I’ve been working with the most inspiring group of people from across the UK to develop a proposal for how Just Fair can better integrate the perspectives and expertise of people with […]

Timeline: The International Covenant on Economic Social and Cultural Rights review


Predicted timeline for the seventh periodic review of the UK by the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

London voices – the human rights reality of people living in London

Reports, Tools

April 2024: In this resource we share what communities told us about the experience of human rights in London and map these issues to human rights law.

The human rights violations happening before our eyes

Blogs Right here in the UK a chilling, gritty drama is playing out in countless homes up and down the country. Brought to life by Amnesty International UK’s new fictional trailer ‘Before Our Eyes’, this is far from a fiction. For too many people this is in fact a cold, hard reality. Millions of families […]

What are human rights?


March 2024: This resource introduces rights under the UK Human Rights Act 1998, and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, an international treaty ratified by the UK in 1976, the concepts that underpin them, and the laws that protect them.

The value of using human rights


March 2024: This resource introduces human rights framing – the process of putting human rights at the centre of our campaigns and everyday conversations and calling for them to be at the forefront of policy and practice. It shows how understanding human rights not just as legal concepts, but as tools we can use in our communities, as activists and within our organisations to strengthen our campaigns can help to change harmful narratives, alleviate suffering, and help to hold the UK Government and public authorities to account on their human rights obligations – local, regional, and international.

Stories of a human rights-based approach


March 2024: This resource is designed for civil society activists like these. It introduces ‘rights-based approaches’ and provides examples of when taking a human rights-based approach has helped organisations and activists to make change

September 2023 – Invitation to our major human rights conference


Everyday human rights - the route to a better UK/ We join call for an Essentials Guarantee to promote human rights/ Families seeking asylum face serious rights violations – new report and workshop

September 2022 – Just 5️ days left to have your say in UN report!


Just five days left to help hold the UK and Welsh Governments to account/ The cost-of-living crisis/ Good news - Rights Removal Bill shelved/ The socio-economic duty campaign