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Charting the path to inclusive rights: Insights from the Scottish Human Rights Bill consultation

Lucy Miller is the Senior Policy Officer at Human Rights Consortium Scotland and Steering Group member of the UK Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Network. In the realm of human rights, Scotland has been on a transformative journey, seeking to embed our fundamental rights into its legal fabric. The recently concluded consultation on the Scottish […]

Our input into the Human Rights Bill (Scotland) – Making everyday rights real

Background In the UK today, our rights of everyday life are protected in international law, but not in our domestic law. This makes them insecure and difficult to enforce. However, Scotland is working to change this, and this is important for the protection of rights across the UK. The Scottish Government has recently confirmed that […]

How our human rights card game is building rights knowledge in communities

Five months into our pilot of Human Rights: Not a Game, we reflect on the importance of supporting self-advocacy and how our game is building rights knowledge across communities. As rights holders, people are often their own best advocates – especially when it comes to speaking to the impacts of systemic injustice (that’s partly why […]

Summary – Everyday rights conversation – Session 1

January 2024 - A summary of the first everyday rights conversation, 'Making everyday rights real: an introduction to economic, social and cultural rights in the UK.'

The return of Stormont and what it means for everyday rights in Northern Ireland

Guest blog by Siobhán Harding, Policy and Research Officer at the Women’s Support Network. Siobhán is a member of the UK ESCR Network. The combination of a lack of local government in Northern Ireland, the ongoing impact of welfare reform policies and a cost-of-living crisis has created a perfect storm pushing many people into poverty, […]

Everyday rights conversation: resource page

Everyday rights conversation: resource page We want to make our everyday rights part of UK law, so we are gathering people together to discuss the issue and develop ideas on the practicalities of how this can be achieved across the UK through the everyday rights conversation. On this page you will find resources from each […]

Continuing the fight for people with No Recourse to Public Funds

In the ongoing work to advance the case for everyday rights in the UK, the ‘No Recourse to Public Funds’ policy (NRPF) remains a significant obstacle. This policy, a serious breach of economic, social and cultural rights, particularly the right to social security, regularly plunges people into destitution and locks them into cycles of poverty. […]

Submission – Securing a path towards adequate housing

September 2023 - Just Fair's submission to the Welsh Government's green paper ‘A Call for Evidence on securing a path towards Adequate Housing – including Fair Rents and Affordability’.

Submission – Human Rights (Scotland) Bill Consultation

September 2023 - Just Fair written evidence to ‘A Human Rights Bill for Scotland: consultation’

Submission – Safety of Rwanda Bill

January 2024 - Response by Just Fair to the call for evidence by the Human Rights (Joint Committee) on the Safety of Rwanda (Asylum & Immigration) Bill 2023