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This blog was written by Lyle Barker, Human Rights Officer 

Today we publish our new report ‘A human rights based approach audit of Just Fair’s work. The report brings together what we, as Just Fair, have learned so far from our work on the Social Rights Alliance (SRA), people with lived experience of human rights violations, partner organisations and others, and recommends some next steps.

The report draws out a series of conclusions that centre around: 

      • What we have learnt from the SRA

      • The importance of grounding human rights in people‚Äôs experiences

      • Where our strengths lie as a specialist in economic, social and cultural rights (ESCR) to support and learn from grassroots organisations 

    It goes on to recommend that we continue to work in partnership, centre people with lived experience in all our work, and aim to build the capacity of civil society organisations to take a HRBA in relation to ESCR.

    The report was welcomed by our staff and Trustee Board in October 2022.

    Here you can read the full report and Executive Summary.

    Background image by Filippo Fontan