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By Sioned Giwa-Amu: Research and Policy Intern


My Background

Hello, I am Sioned and I am the new Just Fair intern. I am currently completing my paid internship for Just Fair in partnership with the University of Bristol.

Throughout my educational, professional and personal life I have always been passionate about social change specifically promoting LGBTQI+, gender and racial equality. Whilst doing my undergraduate degree in Politics and International Relation (IR) I took a particular interest in modules relating to international human rights and feminism. I chose to do my Masters in Gender and IR as I wanted to ensure that I maintained a postcolonial, anti-racist and feminist research ethic at the heart of all of my work.

It is my priority to assess the effects of how social characteristics (in terms of human rights) are affected differently through the application of an intersectional lens. I believe Just Fair is particularly excellent in incorporating intersectionality into its work, continuously remaining reflexive within its practise by prioritizing people with real life experience.

Moreover, at the heart of Just Fair’s ethos is ensuring that the understanding of human rights is accessible to all, not just the educationally privileged few.
Interning with Just Fair has been an amazing experience for me – I have been able to apply my love and passion for equality to make real life change for the rights of marginalised people.

My work
So far in my time at Just Fair, I have been predominantly working alongside the Equality Trust on the ‘1ForEquality’ campaign. The 1ForEquality campaign aims to implement the Socio-economic Duty, (found in Section One of the Equality Act) at a local level and national level in England. The Duty has been implemented by both Scotland and Wales but not in England. However, local authorities in England such as Derby City Council, North of Tyne Combined Authority, Newcastle City Council and Southwark Council have all chosen to voluntarily adopt the Duty as part of an effort to address inequality in their area.

My thoughts on ESCR
There is no doubt that everyone should have equal access to economic, social and cultural rights (ESCR) in order to live their lives with dignity and freedom. These rights include; the right to food, right to education, right to housing, right to adequate standard of living (to name a few). However, many people are prevented from fully accessing their rights. Take for example, the effects that COVID-19 has had on the economic, social and cultural right for the Black and Asian community.

Furthermore, during my time at Just Fair I have observed the extent of how our rights are under threat due to legislation such as the ‘Nationality and Borders Act’, or the ‘Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act’. Just Fair works to ensure that people do not have their rights infringed upon by campaigning for ESCR in laws, policies, and practice. For me, the campaigning Just Fair does around the protection of these rights is imperative in order to progress the ongoing development and inclusivity of our society.

I have wholeheartedly enjoyed the start of my internship and am looking forward to gaining more experience with Just Fair throughout the upcoming months.