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In February 2021, Misha Nayak-Oliver attended a symposium hosted by University of California, Los Angeles Law’s Promise Institute for Human Rights, the Journal of International Law and Foreign Affairs, and the Corporate Accountability Lab which aimed to address issues of corporate accountability. Misha joined leading lawyers, scholars and activists, including keynote speakers Michael FakhriUnited Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food.  

Misha discussed the future legal challenges posed by new technologies, including artificial intelligence, automated decision-making, and data collection. In particular, she focused on the design and use of new technologies in the UK and key issues including transparency, scrutiny and accountability. 

These issues arise because there are legal limitations to the regulation of corporate technologies which are being used in the provision of public services. The UK Government is failing to implement and incorporate international human rights standards into domestic legislation, this leaves gaps in the law, obstructing access to justice for those who face socio-economic inequities arising from the use of new technologies.  

With representatives from across the globe, Misha shared thoughts on how we can better protect economic, social and cultural rights from these new challenges, especially as we enter a post-COVID world.   

You can watch a recording of the symposium here.

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