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Just Fair participates in London Challenge Poverty Week 

As part of London Challenge Poverty Week (LCPW) 12-18 October 2020, we joined our partner The Equality Trust to increase awareness about our #1forEquality campaign.  As part of this, we held a workshop to support local authority implementation of the socio-economic duty contained in Section 1 of the Equality Act 2010. Successive UK Governments have failed to commence this duty in England, but it offers a powerful tool to actively consider the way in which public policies and decisions can address inequalities and disadvantage.  

We also partnered with the HEAR Equality and Human Rights Network to co-host a workshop for organisations and individuals working to challenge poverty and inequality in London. Just Fair provided an introductory overview of the main international human rights treaty, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR), which protects enjoyment of economic and social rights for all people in the UK.  

We also joined 71 local and national organisations and campaigners to call on everyone in London to come together and turn the tide of poverty, we said: 

“Too many Londoners are struggling to pay their rent, put food on the table or build a decent life for themselves and their families. This undermines what we stand for as a society.” 

“In London, we believe in taking care of one another and the Coronavirus pandemic is showing us how much we need each other to get by.” 

“For too long, low pay, insecure hours, high housing costs and cuts to social security have been pulling many of us into poverty. London is at its best when we come together to pool ideas and push for change.” 

“We must work together to overcome the risks to our lives and livelihoods. From ensuring we have access to good quality affordable housing and a just social security system, to addressing low pay and insecure hours, to developing empowered, vibrant communities. Everyone from national and local governments, the Mayor, to employers and local communities has a role to play”. 

Just Fair was part of the LCPW Steering Committee, coordinated by 4in10:London’s Child Poverty Network, and featuring ATD Fourth WorldCPAGJoseph Rowntree FoundationLB of Tower HamletsLittle VillageLondon Child Poverty AllianceOn Road MediaPoverty AllianceSave the ChildrenShelterSustain UK, and Trust for London.  

To find out more information about Just Fair’s activities during LCPW; the socio-economic duty contained in Section 1 of the Equality Act 2010, or Just Fair’s monitoring and advocacy for the incorporation and implementation of ICESCR into the UK Government’s law, policy and practice, please contact Just Fair’s Campaigns and Advocacy Lead, Misha Nayak-Oliver