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This is a pilot of a card game designed to support players to claim ‘the right to talk about rights’. We’ve made it for civil society organisations and activists to use, and invite you to share your feedback to help us make it even more useful in the work to protect our everyday rights. 

The game is comprised:

  • A play guide.
  • 80 cards – 50 ‘Event Cards’ and 30 ‘Character Cards’.
  • A factsheet: explanation of economic, social and cultural rights (ESCR) and ‘protected characteristics’.
We’ve produced two versions of the game: one for professional printing and one for self-printing using a regular office or home printer. The professional print version includes printed card backs and bleed lines. The self-printing version is formatted to print on one side, using minimal paper, and so does not include card backs.
You can also request a hard copy.
Image of 3 of the game boxes