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On Tuesday 11 January we were delighted to join staff from Westminster City Council to talk about inequality, how it impacts their communities and what they can do to tackle it. We discussed the pervasive way poverty impacts so many areas of life and the ability to enjoy human rights.

The participants used the 6 key steps in our practical guide to think about what they could do within their own work to consider the impact of socio-economic inequality. They talked about ways to authentically engage with communities with lived experience, how to make impact assessments more meaningful and how to make raw data available and accessible.

We had a really lively discussion, with lots of creative ideas. The participants were firmly committed to doing the best work they could for their constituents and much of the session focused on using the principles of the practical guide to enable this work.

We look forward to continuing to work with Westminster City Council in 2022.

As part of the 1ForEqualityCampaign, together with colleagues in the campaign group, we provide training to staff in public authorities about ways that they can tackle inequality using the Practical steps for implementing the socio economic duty guide produced by the group. 

If you work for a local, combined, or public authority and are interested in a similar training session, please get in touch with Helen Flynn, our Head of Policy, Research and Campaigns at [email protected] or read more about the campaign group’s work here.

Quotations from participants:

Fantastic session – such good discussions. 

Very thought provoking, thanks

Really insightful session and lots to think about and how we can practically apply to our work and the ways we engage with communities.

Thank you for this brilliant and informative session!

Thank you – really interesting and useful

Really helpful to see the practical examples!

Background image by Bojana Boncheva