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Thank you for your interest in contributing to our Guest Blog!  Please read Just Fair’s Guest Blog guidelines before submitting a proposed blog to us. 

Just Fair’s Guest Blog aims to encourage dialogue and debate between researchers, practitioners, policy-makers and activists who monitor or advocate for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ESCR).  

We welcome original contributions which provide legal analysis of recent ESCR developments across the UK, including case law, current litigation, legislation, policy-making, campaigning, lived experience and activism.

Contributions should be accessible to readers who might not have legal expertise in ESCR. 

Contributions that do not comply with our submission guidelines will not be considered by the editorial team. 

Who can contribute? 

Just Fair’s Guest Blog welcomes submissions from people with lived experience of inequality and discrimination, students, early career researchers, policy-makers, academics, lawyers, civil society organisations and activists. 

Just Fair’s Guest Blog guidelines 

  • Posts must be between 500-800 words in length. Posts which are longer than 800 words will not be considered for publication. 
  • Posts must include hyperlinks to relevant legal sources and background information, including any primary sources (such as laws, treaties or institutions) and secondary sources (such as reports, briefings or papers) which are mentioned in the blog. Hyperlinks must link only to legal or respected sources. The editors make the final decision over what constitutes a respectable source. Please do not use footnotes. 
  • Posts should be clear and concise. Please avoid using legal jargon such as Latin terms! Posts which are submitted must be proofread.  
  • Posts should not be opinion pieces, even if related to ESCR. The blog should focus on legal analysis of ESCR. 
  • Posts should have informative and accessible titles. 
  • Blog posts will be published in English. 
  • Posts should reflect original, unpublished work. 
  • The following will be included at the end of each blog published: ‘The views expressed in any and all articles posted on the Guest Blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Just Fair’.
  • Cross-posting or publication on other platforms is permissible only: 
    • with the permission of the editors of the blog; 
    • a minimum of 48 hours after the post has been published on the blog. 

We thank you in advance for reading and abiding by these guidelines, which help us maintain our high standards and ensure the Guest Blog is accessible.

How to contribute

If you would like to contribute to the blog, please email your proposed piece to [email protected], and include in the subject line Guest Blog and your full name. In your email, please set out your proposed blog title, attach your proposed blog as a Word document, and include a short biography if you would like this information included on your blog post.  

Once you have submitted your draft post, the editors will be in touch. We endeavour to respond quickly, and you can anticipate a response within two weeks. 

  • If the editors reject your blog submission, you will receive the decision and brief feedback.  
  • If the editors consider that your post has potential to be published, but is not currently of the required standard, then you will receive your proposed draft with editorial suggestions in tracked changes. This does not amount to acceptance of the post, and the editorial team may decide, upon seeing revisions, that the submission is not suitable for publication on the Guest Blog. 
  • If the post is accepted for publication, there may be, for the reasons set out above, a delay between acceptance and publication. We will always work with authors to try to comply with any specific timing requirements. 
  • If you feel unable to accept the editor’s proposals after discussion, or do not wish to participate in the editorial process, then you are free to withdraw your submission. 
  • By submitting a post to the blog, you are guaranteeing that the piece is a product of your work and is unpublished, and you permit Just Fair to use your post, with full attribution but without further consent, on a non-commercial basis on online and offline platforms.  
  • We encourage you to share your post with colleagues and networks through email and social media. 

Please note that the editors may, in their absolute discretion, waive any of the above rules or amend this process. 


We look forward to receiving your contribution!