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Welcome to our Guest Blog which encourages dialogue and debate on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ESCR) in the UK. We share legal analysis of recent ESCR developments, including case law, current litigation, legislation, policy-making, campaigning, lived experience and activism.

Right to clothing

Lottie Jackson is fashion journalist and disability activist. Follow Lottie on Twitter @1ottie, Instagram lottievjackson, and visit Lottie’s website here.

Zero Discrimination Day

The Roma Support Group (RSG) is a Roma-led registered charity working with Eastern European Roma refugees and migrants since 1998. The RSG’s mission is to improve the quality of life for Roma refugees and migrants by helping them to overcome prejudice, isolation and vulnerability. RSG also aims to make the public aware of Roma culture, heritage and the current situation of Roma people in the UK. @RomaSupport

Non-discrimination and equality are fundamental to the exercise and enjoyment of economic, social and cultural rights. Mihai Calin Bica of Roma Support Group reflects on the discrimination faced by Roma communities.

A lifetime of discrimination. What is it like?

by Mihai Calin Bica

1 March 2021

Digital inclusion and human rights

The APLE Collective is a national collective of individuals with lived experience of poverty. It works together with other organisations to take positive action to eradicate poverty. With contributions from Just Fair, the APLE Collective write about the importance of having digital and non-digital opportunities for all people.

A fair society means options for all: APLE Collective reflect on digital choice and opportunity

by the APLE Collective with contributions from Just Fair

28 January 2021

Destitution and ESCR

We are delighted to present this three-part series on destitution and ESCR, authored by Dr Luke D. Graham.  Dr Luke D. Graham is a Lecturer in Law at Coventry University. His ESRC Funded PhD undertaken at Lancaster University Law School was titled ‘Destitution as A Denial of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: Addressing Destitution in The UK Through a Human Rights Framework’. @lukedgraham

Socio-Economic Discrimination

This three-part series is on socioeconomic discrimination and is authored by Dr Juan Carlos Benito Sanchez, an independent human rights law researcher and consultant. His PhD undertaken at UCLouvain (Belgium) was titled ‘Securing Housing for All in Diverse European Societies: A Legal Analysis of Antidiscrimination Norms Applied to the Housing Context’. @jcbensan


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