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Right to social security

Everyone has a right to access social security and adequate living conditions. These are human rights recognised under international law.

We campaign to end No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF) and the two child limit policy. We urge the UK Government to ensure all people can enjoy their economic, social and cultural rights.


All-Party Parliamentary Group on NRPF

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With Project 17, we are co-Secretariat of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF) which seeks to raise the voices of people living with NRPF and gain cross-party support across UK Parliament to end the restriction.

The purpose of the APPG on NRPF is to draw attention to the challenges faced by destitute migrants who have NRPF by virtue of having irregular immigration status or a condition imposed on their visa, with a particular focus on families and vulnerable adults, and to contribute to the development of policy and legislation in this area.


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Ending the two-child limit

All Kids Count campaign

We support the All Kids Count campaign calling for the UK Government to end its two-child limit policy which restricts social security allowance under Universal Credit and Child Tax Credit to families based on the number of children they have.

Under international law, the right to social security and family assistance is to be enjoyed by all people without discrimination.  

Why the UK Government's two-child limit policy is contrary to human rights law

The two-child limit is a policy that restricts welfare payments to families based on family size and is forcing these families into poverty and hardship by not providing them with an adequate income.

This policy is contrary to the UK’s international human rights obligations and its introduction cannot be justified by austerity. We need the UK Government to be using the maximum available resources to respect, protect, and fulfil children’s rights to live free of poverty and this should include by removing the two-child limit.

What can you do to support the campaigns

Suspending NRPF would mean our society is healthier and safer for everyone. All of us should be able to live in dignity and enjoy our everyday rights.

Click here to sign the petition to suspend NRPF. We encourage you to share this petition widely.

Contact ‘[email protected]‘ to find out more information about the APPG on NRPF, the two-child limit, and the right to social security.

Please write to your MP about ending the two-child limit and NRPF. 

Find your MP by clicking here.

Showcase your support for the campaign to end NRPF by using the hashtag #EndNRPF when you are using social media.

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For more information on our campaigns to ensure all people enjoy their right to social security, please get in touch ‘[email protected]‘.