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The route to a better UK: The everyday Rights Conversation

Make our everyday rights part of UK law. Join the everyday rights conversation. 

A decent job and home, enough to eat, clothes to wear, a healthy environment, the chance to learn, and a safety net when we most need it. These are our economic, social and cultural rights (ESCR) – our everyday rights.

We want to make our everyday rights part of UK law, so we are gathering people together to discuss the issue and develop ideas on the practicalities of how this can be achieved across the UK. This is referred to as ESCR incorporation.

Some devolved parts of the UK are pushing ahead to bring our everyday rights into law, so groundwork is needed to develop a UK-wide approach to ESCR incorporation.

Help make sure these rights are guaranteed for us all by joining the everyday rights conversation. You can help generate ideas and proposals about how ESCR incorporation can practically be achieved across the UK. 

The route to a better UK: the everyday rights conversation are free and open to all. It is supported by the UK ESCR Network.

The conversation starts with a series of discussion sessions.

Who can get involved?

All of the everyday rights conversation’s activities will be free and open to civil society organisations, activists, academics, rights holders, decision-makers, practitioners and anyone with an interest in our everyday rights in the UK. No prior knowledge is required.

We encourage people to participate in the whole of the everyday rights conversation and attend as many discussion sessions as possible. We also hope this process will help you become more confident in using everyday rights as a tool for change in your own communities and sectors.

What will the everyday rights conversation explore?

We started by explored Just Fair’s five principles for effective incorporation of ESCR.

We are now in our second phase of the conversations; examining specific areas that require our attention to ensure everyone’s rights are met, such as the interdependence of environmental rights and ESCR, and the importance of equality.

Contribute to the everyday rights conversation

Discussion 7: Justice for people and the environment

Graphic of arms hugging the earth, Plants grow out of the top of the earth and there are purple flames below. On the arms are the words "urgent solutions".

Justice for people and the environment 

Tuesday 17 September 2024 14:00-16:00

In July 2022 the United Nations General Assembly declared access to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment as a universal human right.

Despite the progress by the United Nations General Assembly, and the UK Government ratifying the Aarhus Convention, across the UK people struggle to exercise their right to a healthy environment.

The Scottish Government is preparing to enshrine the right to a healthy environment into Scots law through the new Human Rights (Scotland) Bill. This commitment has been secured in part because of the joint work between environmental and human rights groups, mobilising around a shared agenda centred on access to justice, full rights incorporation, and mechanisms for enforcement.

In this session we will bring together those working in human rights environmental rights across the UK to learn from the Scottish experience and investigate how we can work together to build the better, fairer world we all seek.

This session will seek to understand:

  • What is happening internationally in terms of the right to a healthy environment?
  • How can the interdependent aspects of human and environmental rights be realised in practice through national laws?
  • What is the plan for doing this in Scotland – is it enough?
  • What could it look like at a UK-wide level?

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Accessibility note for participation

We use Zoom because it has some great accessibility features

To can make the event as accessible as possible, please let us know as soon as possible (and at least 72 hours before the event) if you have any communication or access needs.

Please contact [email protected].

Our sessions will be recorded, and the videos made available on our website for watching back.

Please note that we may be discussing how people have experienced violations of their rights at these sessions and some people may find this difficult.  

Everyday rights conversation resource page

Check out the new resource page where you’ll find materials from each of the discussion sessions including recordings, summaries, presentations and useful documents. 

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