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Jamie Burton

Jamie Burton is co-founder and Chair of Just Fair. He is a public lawyer with expertise in judicial review. His main areas of practise are human rights, social and clinical care, housing, social security, criminal justice and environmental law. He has acted in many cases concerning the provision of support and/or accommodation to vulnerable groups in society and has a thorough understanding of both central and local government’s responsibilities in all areas of the welfare state. He regularly advises on NHS continuing care, clinical provision, community care (including charging), clinical provision, children services, welfare benefits, homelessness, housing allocations and asylum support.

Recently Jamie spent six months working on welfare and environmental issues in India. He was involved in a group action concerning the largest anti-poverty scheme in the world (“the Right to Food”) and assisted in various claims relating to environmental damage caused by mining in south India.

For many years Jamie has presented seminars and given lectures on human rights law and judicial review and is an experienced public speaker. He has written on human rights, public and housing law. Academically Jamie is interested in achieving a greater understanding and recognition of economic and social rights in domestic jurisprudence. Jamie is a member of the Housing Lawyers Practitioner’s Association, ALBA, Environmental Law Foundation and the Critical Legal Group.