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We are working in North East England, from Northumberland to Redcar & Cleveland, bringing people together to promote social rights in the region.

A regional network that uses human rights for social justice. Let’s transform the North East.

Use your rights to make your voice heard. Download our free toolkit to explore the change you want to see in the North East. Word doc version available here.

We asked candidates standing in the local elections (May 2019) to support the implementation of the socio-economic duty.

We have presented a motion to councils across the region  gain support for local activities that defend and promote social rights. 

Digital Inclusion Campaign

We are co-creating a campaign to promote digital inclusion to make the North East a place where digital inclusion is a right enjoyed by all, where people have the skills, technology and internet to access goods, services and information, in order to close the digital divide.

We recognise that digital inclusion is currently seen as a luxury rather than a necessity. Lack of access to these things prevents people from exercising and enjoying many of their human rights, meeting their essential needs and accessing important information. We are collecting stories from across the North East to put real experience at the heart of this campaign.

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Tell us your stories!

Are you, or someone you know, unable to access the internet as much as you would like? Have Coronavirus measures made it difficult for you to access information or education online? Maybe you found yourself in this situation long before Coronavirus was an issue…

You can send us a short video (self-filmed or filmed outside at a socially safe distance of 2-3m) or a few sentences telling us:

1. What stops you from being able to access the internet/online information?

2. What would help you to feel more digitally included?

3. Why is digital inclusion important to you?

Please send you story to Anya at If you know someone who might like to share their story but doesn’t have access to the internet, you can share it for them (with their permission).

Some videos might be included in a short campaign video, so please indicate if you do not want your video/story to be publicised.

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Find out what Local Authorities around the region are doing to support vulnerable people during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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If you are interested in getting involved in our work in the North East, or want to find out more, contact the North East regional manager, Anya Bonner, at