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We are working in North East England, from Northumberland to Redcar & Cleveland, bringing people together to promote social rights in the region.

A regional network that uses human rights for social justice. Let’s transform the North East.

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We asked candidates standing in the local elections (May 2019) to support the implementation of the socio-economic duty.

We have presented a motion to councils across the region  gain support for local activities that defend and promote social rights. 

Local Authority Coronavirus updates

Find out what Local Authorities around the region are doing to support vulnerable people during the COVID-19 pandemic. LAST UPDATED: 10:22 30/03/2010

Darlington Borough Council has launched a support HUB for residents who are worst affected by the Coronavirus outbreak. They are provided food and medical supplies to those at most risk. 

Anyone threatened with homelessness or fleeing domestic violence can call 01325 405333 to make an appointment at the Town Hall or for a telephone interview during office hours.

More info here.

Durham County Council’s Welfare Assistance scheme can help those affected by coronavirus by providing short term help with living expenses for up to seven days.

The council have collated groups/services that help those who are vulnerable or at risk with accessing necessities. You can also request assistance from the council through their County Durham Together plan if you are self-isolating.

School transport will continue to run including during the school holiday period if your school remains open to eligible pupil groups. 

More info here.

Gateshead Council are providing regular updates for those claiming benefits.

The Council wants to hear from businesses and self-employed people as possible to understand how COVID-19 is impacting on them. Complete this survey.

More info here.

The Hartlepool Support Hub is offering information and advice, emotional support, delivery of shopping, newspapers and prescriptions, and links to other additional services which are offering support.

Hartlepool libraries are closed, but residents are encouraged to access books online through BorrowBox and RBDigital.

More info here.

Middlsbrough Council are providing a list of school closures (closed to all children). All other schools are open to eligible groups.

If you’re homeless, or about to become homeless, and need support, you can call 01642 261116 (between 8am and 5pm) or 0300 111 1000 (between 5pm and 8am). Homelessness assessments will take place over the phone. Temporary accommodation will also be provided for those with No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF).

The Council is extending the crisis payment scheme for people who have been impacted by coronavirus and who are waiting for entitlement for Universal Credit. They are offering a payment of £20 per adult, plus £10 for every child, to families in financial need. You maybe able to get a reduction on your council tax too through the Hardship Fund. You can also request to amend the dates and months that you pay council tax during this time.

More info here.

Fenham Library will remain partially open for those using the community-based recovery services. City Library will also continue to offer appointments for those accessing the Biometric Visa Checking Service to allow this support to continue. Access will only be granted if you have an appointment.

The Council are working to ensure that no-one in Newcastle is left without access food and essential sanitary products.

Emergency provisions for asylum seekers with No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF) who are facing homelessness are also in place. Contact Adult Social Care or the Active Inclusion Unit for more info.

Updates and information on benefits during this time can be found here.

More info here.

The Council are redeploying some staff to assist efforts at The Bay Foodbank to help protect some of the most vulnerable residents.

More info here.

The Community Shielding Hub has been set up to provide assistance in accessing necessities to the extremely vulnerable. A special phone line has been set up to help the council support vulnerable residents.

Active Nothumberland have moved their fitness classes online.

Community groups can request books to assist most vulnerable residents e.g. large print requests. Libraries will also move to provide a telephone befriending service, including doorstep deliveries which our community fleet will assist with. 

More info here.

Family Hubs will remain open for health checks etc.

A book delivery service will be available for vulnerable and housebound residents.

The council is working on a package of emergency measures to support low income families and will also develop appropriate help for those suffering the effects of isolation.

More info here.

A Covid-19 Support Hub has been set up to support extremely vulnerable people accessing essential food and medical supplies.

The Council have started a Hardship Fund to support residents in financial crisis.


More info here.

Family hubs will be handing out free schools meals to those who would normally have one between 11:30am and 2pm.

The Council are working with Catalyst Stockton and have created a new food distribution hub to provide vulnerable residents with essentials. Call 01642 524 500 if you are in need.

The Council are posting regular childcare updates for key workers.

Link to COVID Community Support Team.

More info here.

Sunderland Council are offering financial support to those impact by coronavirus. For those in a state of crisis, they are offering further support in accessing food and fuel vouchers etc.

Sunderland Council are providing temporary accommodation to asylum seekers with No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF).

More info here.


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