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About Us

Just Fair brings social justice and human rights together. We work to ensure that UK law, policy and practice complies with domestic and international human rights obligations.

Registered as a charity since 2011, Just Fair exists to realise a fairer and more just society in the UK by monitoring and advocating the protection of economic and social rights (ESR). 

Just Fair is committed to increasing public awareness of international and domestic human rights law and the capability to use it. Just Fair is also devoted to the advancement of high-quality thinking, training and practice to ensure that ESR are respected, protected and fulfilled.

We hold government and public authorities accountable by ensuring that law, policy and practice complies with our international human rights obligations.

We engage with international human rights bodies when they assess whether laws and policies are in line with the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, which is legally binding in the UK.

We hope our reports, campaigns and activities will contribute to grow a movement for ESR in the UK. Through our partnerships with charities, local community groups and academic institutions we aim to raise civil society awareness of ESR and build momentum behind these rights to ensure justice for all.

Our Aims

Increase awareness and understanding of economic and social rights

Encourage the government and public authorities to respect, protect and fulfil economic and social Rights

Support individuals and groups to advocate for economic and social rights