we are Just Fair

We believe in social  justice through human rights. We promote economic and social rights in Britain.

What are Economic and Social Rights?

Economic and social rights (ESR) are the rights of everyday life, for everyday people.

ESR are recognised in international human rights law as the essential social and economic conditions needed to live a life of dignity and freedom. They include the right to work and workers’ rights, social security, health, education, food, water, housing, and the right to a healthy environment.

Our latest

Inequality Is Not Inevitable

In the run-up to the May 2019 local elections, Just Fair along withPoverty2Solutions are approaching candidates for councillor and mayoral positions across the North East of England to ask them to be #1ForEquality by promoting…

Abidjan principles on the right to education

The final text of the Abidjan Principles on the human rights obligations of States to provide public education and to regulate private involvement in education has been published today. The…

What is the state of children’s rights in England?

By Imogen Richmond-Bishop Today the Child’s Rights Alliance England have released their annual State of Child’s Rights in England report. Children have special rights and protections that recognise their vulnerable…